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Where can you reduce clutter in your life?

It is amazing how much we accumulate even when we are on a so-called budget and trying not to overspend. I noticed that I tend to hang on to stuff given to me or to stuff that I think I will eventually need. I have had some moments where something I have gotten rid of could have come in handy, however, those moments are few and far between. And yet, I still find myself afraid of letting stuff go, however, I am at the point that a lot of my stuff is no longer serving me very well and it is in the way of progress.

This year, I vow to reduce clutter, so I can move on to the things I want to accomplish. However, this gets overwhelming real fast.

Most of us think of the physical stuff cluttering our homes, our vehicles, and our workplace, however, the digital clutter can be just as overwhelming. We have documents, photos, and there is an app for everything that takes up space in cloud storage. And when we run out of space, we buy more. For me, the photos I have stored on my phone is crazy ridiculous. I take pictures of everything. I take pictures when I am at the grocery store and text them to my husband to be sure I am purchasing the right product. I take screenshots of documents so they can be uploaded, or screenshots of recipes I find on social media, and Canva produced images for social media. And because I am busy or I think I might need them again, I do not remove them, so next thing I know, I have over a thousand photos that are just junk.

Then there are the emails. Our inboxes are inundated with daily newsletters, spam, notifications, shopping ads, and it is beyond ridiculous the amount of emails we get that we did not sign up for. We get an email for everything. It gets overwhelming if you miss a day checking emails. I try to unsubscribe when I get an unsolicited email, but who has time to do that all the time.

But, this year I am going to take the time to unsubscribe and I am going to be extra vigilant on what emails I sign up for or rather I don’t sign up for. And I will take a moment each day to delete any photos I took that I don’t need or want to keep.

What will you declutter?

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