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New Year, New Intentions

Every year, I write new year resolutions and goals. Most of the time I reach a few of them, but never all of them, which depresses me in the last three months of the year. I do still want to have resolutions and goals, just not so many that I set myself up for failure. So, this year, I only have one goal, and that one goal is to lose weight. My weight has gotten to a point of being unhealthy, so I resolve to get myself back in good health.

Of course, I don’t want that to be the only thing I work on this year, but instead of calling them new year’s resolutions or goals, I have decided to call them intentions. That takes the pressure off because setting too many goals is stressful, which in turn causes weight gain and lack of sleep.

So, I will have intentions, writing intentions, publishing intentions, and healthy lifestyle intentions. I intend to write, write, and do more writing because that makes me happy. And when I am happy, I am not so stressed, which in turn will help me lose weight.

And I intend to continue submitting my writing in hopes of getting more of my work published. I hope reading it brings you joy, and as we all know, when we are joyful, we are much healthier.

My healthy lifestyle intentions is to be kinder to others and to me. Studies show that maintaining a positive attitute and sharing a kind word contributes to good health.

What are your intentions this year?

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