Holding History

Holding History

I have always been a history buff. I love to learn the origin of anything and everything. For example, just the other day, I learned the origin of the term, Big Wig. It is from the 17th and 18th centuries when everyone wore wigs and the bigger the wig, the wealthier the person.

I also love to read historical novels and watch period movies. It is interesting to me how people lived their everyday lives before electricity, television, and even cell phones. I vaguely remember life before cell phones. It is funny how quickly we forget and then wonder how we survived before a modern invention.

This blog, Holding History, is me writing down what I research or learn about a topic, a place, or a person on any given day. It is about those moments when I stop and wonder, and then need, yes, I did say NEED, to research why we do or say the things we do and say. And to remember those iconic people, places, and things, that brought us to today and how they affect us in everyday living.

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