On this day...

April 6th

On this day in 1944, Judy Bowman was born in Covington, Kentucky. She was the third child, and second daughter, of Bill and Kate Bowman. She married my dad, Ron Connley, on March 18, 1967, and had three children, Christine (me), Jill, and David. She graduated St. Henry High School and worked as a secretary, typing on manual typewriters (I can’t even imagine), until I was born. She is a fabulous cook, a sweet and mild-natured lady, and she is my mom. Bless her heart having to deal with the strong-willed child that I was. I remember painting ceramics with her. I still have a few pieces she painted many years ago. I remember her canning vegetables from our garden, playing board games with us, and swimming at the YMCA with me and my sister. She came to every single one of my softball games and all the games where I was a cheerleader. Who else knows mom?

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